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Tuoyuan Hardware was established in 1990, our company is engaged in research ,development , manufacture and selling in various kinds of Generator ,Engine ,Water Pump ,High Pressure Washer,Welding Machine, Garden Tools ,and so on..., The company employs more than 400 staff worked ,among which 50 are engineers or technicians . It operates an advanced production line with whole set of inspection and testing equipment and a yearly capacity of 200,000 sets of machine.

The company products high quality products with CE, GS, CSA, EPA, and CARB certificates . Its products have been exported to North American , South America, Australia , Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa etc...



Contact: Tina Zhang

Phone: 0086-13588616976

Tel: 0086-579-85199310

Email: 386061728@qq.com

Add: L4-19310,the 4th floor,2nd Dictrict,No.33 Gate International Trade City

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